• Dome accommodation in Valle Las Barres near Termas de Chillan

Enjoy a quiet and private Accommodation in Valle las Trancas.

If you are looking for Accommodation in Valle Las Trancas, we invite you to know our mountain refuge in Domo, with maximum capacity for 8 people, fully equipped. We have: Wooden Jars (hot tub) for baths of relaxation type thermal, bonfire and Quincho Creole, comfortable terrace, area of hammocks. Check our prices and promotions.

We are located in Valle las barras km 69 camino a Termas de Chillan, Approximately 600 meters from the main road and only 12 minutes from the ski slopes Nevados de Chillán and the famous Termas de Chillán.

Come and Enjoy the mountain Throughout the year

Valle Las barres termas de Chillan accommodation winter season

During the winter

Our mountain village becomes a snowy valley that attracts thousands of tourists who prefer this destination to enjoy the snow and winter sports.

We are a few minutes from the ski center Nevados de Chillán This offers a skiable area of 35 kilometers and also has the longest track of South America the three Marys of 13 kilometers long, the Snowpark, the circuits to ride motorcycles and sleds pulled by dogs and if this landscape we add the accommodation serpente By rivers, mountains, waterfalls and jumps, as well as natural trails and a native forest that surrounds the small region and the hot springs, we understand that Valle Las Barres It is the best place to enjoy the snow in all its modalities. For expert and advanced skiers the alternative of the Heliski invites you to go down spectacular slopes, after having enjoyed the scenic flight in helicopter on the mountain range. Nevados de Chillán

From the main road that crosses Enclosure, the Lleuques, wintering and valley the locks It is possible to rent equipment for the practice of snowboard and ski, as well as the suitable snow clothing to withstand the low winter temperatures.

During the warm days

In spring and summer, walks to the lagoon of the Huemul, to the valley of Shangrilá, to the cave Pincheira and the jump of the soldier are habitual for the tourists who visit us.

The Trekking and mountaineering For those who like to walk and/or contemplate the flora and fauna, it has really magical trails of varying degrees of difficulty and for different types of level.

Horses and Saddles They are also part of the popular folklore that is observed in summer. Then it is when guides and Baqueanos are in charge of showing on horseback the various trails and steps that exist between the mountains, either to go fishing at Diguillín River Or to get to the Volcano fumaroles.

Traditional festivities
In the locality of Pinto the main celebrations are: The week Pinteña, Cultural Week of the mountain, week of enclosure and week of the locks, all are carried out in the month of February.

Valle Las Barres in summer, viewpoint, waterfalls, lagoons


Close to the main Tourist attractions in the area.

Termas de Chillán, Nevados de Chillán, Shangri-La, Valle Las Trancas, Lleuques, enclosure, wintering and Reserva Ñuble.

In our surroundings we have beautiful places that have a beautiful valley and volcanoes as a backdrop, with an impressive natural beauty that you can not fail to know.

Cave of the Pincheiras

The Cave of the Pincheira is a park whose main attraction is a natural cavern near a waterfall that sheltered the Pincheira brothers who looted the city of Chillán in 1819 during the so-called "war to death" that confronted ...

Shangri-La Refuge

Former refuge for mountaineers, built approximately in the years 40. It consisted of 3 floors, being the first one enabled for canteens, to be, wineries, kitchen. The upper floors for dormitories. First level built in volcanic stone masonry ...

Enchanted Forest Mythological Park

Enchanted Forest Mythological Park is a gateway to the world of magic fantasy and culture. It is a unique place in the country where visitors will be greeted by these beings and the most beautiful environment, kindness of our Andes mountain range. Kilometer 69 Road ...

Laguna El Huemul

Located on top of one of the highest peaks in the sector. The lagoon has waters of intense emerald green, from where you can appreciate the valley as a whole, as well as the set of peaks and volcanoes that make up the Nevados de Chillán.

Aguas Calientes

From the Hotel Nevados de Chillan You must make a trek of approximately 4 hours to reach the corner known as "Aguas Calientes", and it makes great honor to his name as it is the paradise of the hot Springs, two rivers of Aguas Calientes traverse the Valley What makes The place ...

Devil's Throat Refuge

The Devil's Gorge Refuge is located on an existing ridge to the south west of the so-called Devil's Gorge, geological formation formed by plateaus, cliffs and large sands, protected from the strong Cordilleran wind and with a view Privileged ...

Rio Diguillin and Renegade

Diguillin and Renegade. Given the relief of this area, they produce backwaters, which have become "spas" in the summer season. As well as a varied population of native species of the Andean flora and fauna. It was founded in October 1860 ...

Reserva Ñuble

The reserve has beautiful natural resources, including Salto del Blanquillo, beautiful valley, Los Peucos River, Vega Larga, thermal baths and a lagoon of glacial origin. The vegetation is formed by dwarf radales, Hazel, Coigües, lleuques and cypress ...

Fumaroles Termas de Chillán

Place of air sulfur, where spring water springs from yellow rocks, you can give mud baths. From here the forest changes and the trees become shrubs that do not hide from the sun, so the blocker is essential. The trek begins from the public baths ...

Bikepark Nevados de Chillan

Bike Park Nevados de Chillán

The Bike Park is designed to greet all lovers of this sport, with trails of different levels, beginners, amateurs and professionals. Green, blue and black slopes, with an application specially designed for the evolution of learning technique and progressively developing style.

Thermal pools in Valle Hermoso Termas de Chillan

Beautiful Valley Pools

Beautiful Valley It is located on the way to Termas de Chillán, has a great quality and quantity of services: facilities for roasts, thermal pools, spa, camping, picnic, canopy and snow snowbike and sleds, also has cafeteria, minimarket, nursing, Ambulance, playground, parking, etc.

Termas de Chillan Hot Springs Park

Termas Water Park

Water park features Don 4 thermal pools of different sizes, is a thermal and recreational center where the relaxation of the hot springs is combined with the entertainment, music, gastronomy and bar with various juices and drinks, where you can enjoy an extensive menu of drinks International without having to leave the warm hot springs to enjoy them.